AquaFlage - Aq*ua*flage

The disguising of aquatic personnel, equipment, and watercrafts by painting or covering them to make them blend in with their surroundings. Also a US based apparel company who is commonly known as "The Leader in Aquatic Camouflage".

The story began in early 2000 when a recent graduate from the College of Charleston moved from South Carolina to the Florida Keys. Passing Homestead FL and driving South on A1A, that first glimpse of crystal blue water completely captivated him. Over 42 bridges to the island of Key West is where his passion for the island lifestyle began. The people, the culture, the buried treasure lost at sea and of course the fishing was like something he'd never experienced before. He was hooked.  The Florida Keys will do that to you and if they grab a hold of you it's hard to escape.

Fast Forward 10 years and several businesses later he found himself in St. Augustine Florida with a beautiful wife and three amazing daughters but the keys still call to him and he returns every chance he gets. That same passion was poured into AquaFlage and the aquatic lifestyle continues throughout the brand.  Join us on our quest to continue chasing island sunsets, big and small game fish and the AquaFlage Lifestyle. 

Our Mission